What’s a Manager’s Role on a Scrum Team?

What's a Manager's Role on a Scrum Team?

What’s a Manager’s Role on a Scrum Team?
via Scrum.org Blog by Robert Pieper

Did you know the word “Manager” does not show up once in the Scrum Guide? If I were a manager in a fortune 500 organization with a mortgage and two kids in college, I’d be concerned for my job. In this blog post, I’ll explain how it’s possible for managers to work with Scrum Teams so no one has to worry about rebuilding their resume.

Scrum is a framework designed to get complex products to market while mitigating the risk associated with building them. Scrum is about getting work done, not about addressing organizational structures. Thus, it does not comment on reporting lines. Scrum can be used in various sized organizations including a 200 employee company or a 6-person start-up. Not all companies need or have managers so there is no real reason for Scrum to address the role of a manager.

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