Throughput-Driven Sprint Planning

Throughput-Driven Sprint Planning

Throughput-Driven Sprint Planning
via Blog by Louis-Philippe Carignan

Over my 15 years of experience with Scrum, I’ve observed velocity-driven and capacity-driven Sprint Planning as our ways of working when we figure out the amount of work the Development Team can take during a Sprint.

While I believe these practices helped us adopt Scrum by planning our work at each Sprint, I believe we can now go one step further with throughput-driven Sprint Planning.

Before I dive into the details of throughput-driven Sprint Planning, I first want to define the word throughput to avoid any misunderstanding for the rest of this article.

I’ll use the definition of throughput as defined in the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams:

Throughput: The number of work items finished per unit of time.

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