How to Combine DevOps and Agile

How to Combine DevOps and Agile

How to Combine DevOps and Agile
via by Slava Vaniukov

In recent years, application development and deployment have become an increasingly critical part of business operations. Because of this, various entities have sought to optimize their product development process.

This has led to a rise in the popularity of DevOps, which is designed for that purpose. In simple words, the DevOps application during the software development process reduces the number of steps necessary to bring software to market. These faster releases and streamlined processes mean swift user feedback.

DevOps implementation focuses also on the software scalability, how well it could be deployed and also its monitoring and maintenance after the future releases However, there is also a downside to traditional DevOps benefits. The system does not include the kind of continuous testing and improvement that Agile offers.

This has led to Agile practices being overwhelmingly focused on what you might define as the development aspects of software delivery. Though, there is less focus on operational aspects.

Hence, both practices are quite critical to be implemented in the SDLC of any product.

Separating Agile and DevOps approaches to software development lead to the building of the product but its deployment, work automation, as well as infrastructure management fail as it’s “somebody else’s problem” when the Agile team is looking at it. Moreover, “operability” disappears into the background.

The solution is combining Agile sprints with the integrated teamwork offered by DevOps. By doing so, you can optimize incrementally the development lifecycle and maintenance of your product both. It helps to correct an imbalance but has little influence over the practices that happen during the continuous development phase.

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