Focus on What was “Done” During Sprint Review

Focus on What was

Focus on What was “Done” During Sprint Review
via Blog by Jesse Houwing

As a Scrum Trainer I get to meet a lot of teams and hear of many different ways to do Scrum. Most are valid ways, yet some seem more aligned with the values of Scrum or the purpose of the specific Scrum Element. In this post, we’ll have a look at the Sprint Review.

The Sprint Review is generally the hardest event to get right. It’s where the Scrum Team and their stakeholders meet, thus the event with the largest number of participants. It’s also the event in which different people come with different purposes.

  • The Development Team is present to show their work and receive feedback. They’re hopefully also there to connect to their stakeholders.
  • The Product Owner is also there for the feedback, but also to verify the longer term road-map and the state of the product backlog.
  • The Stakeholders often come to see the things they requested. We also ask them to share the insights they have gathered during the sprint and to collaborate on the Product Backlog.

One thing I’ve observed is that the focus is often on What was planned and What is now “Done”. I feel this is an anti-pattern. While progress is important, I feel the focus should be on What is “Done” and What to do next.

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