Do You Have Evidence of Your Agile Transformation?

Do You have Evidence of Your Agile Transformation?

Do You Have Evidence of Your Agile Transformation?
via Blog by Jochen (Joe) Krebs

The term Agile Transformation is often mingled together with a series of other things, for example, a business transformation or a digital transformation. These are however very different things.

There are good reasons why these often end up together because a business transformation “faster response time to clients” might lead to the use of agile processes. Or vice versa, a company interested to adopt agile processes all of a sudden realizes the great potential for re-inventing their business processes. They go often hand-in-hand.

Regardless of the scenario, a company became interested in adopting agile processes in the first place, someone will ask the companies at some point of their journey with questions like “how are we doing?”,  “Are we more agile than last year?”, or “Which areas are we good at, which ones need more support?”

Would you know the answers? And more importantly, do you have evidence of it?

The interesting parts of the questions above is the word agile? Adding agile to those questions makes the questions for organizations surprisingly softer and not more concrete. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, for example, is definitely something we can agree with, but can we effectively measure it?

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